26 August 2019
  • 11:59 July Hot Topics: Macron in Belgrade; Kosovo PM resigns; Major media merger in Slovenia approved; BiH closing unprofitable coal mines
  • 11:40 The West did not want another Republika Srpska in the heart of Balkans
  • 10:15 Top events in August
  • 09:49 Everyone’s favourite little capital
  • 10:50 Zagreb is always a good idea

Serbia and Montenegro criticised in new Freedom House report

Washington-based Freedom House today released its Freedom in the World 2019  report that saw Serbia downgraded from “free” to “partially free” country. After more than a decade of being categorized as a free country, Serbia’s democracy score was one of the biggest, putting it alongside Venezuela, Nicaragua and Tanzania. The decline was due tothe “election irregularities, […]


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