16 July 2020
  • 15:15 Follow the Michelin stars in Slovenia
  • 13:29 HOT TOPICS: Covid-19 Update & Serbian Elections
  • 13:06 An affordable necessity that became a symbol of the Yugoslav tragedy
  • 09:37 HOT TOPICS: Montenegro and Serbia clash over border opening
  • 12:34 The alphabet soup of economic forecasting

Pahor visits Serbia

Slovenian president Borut Pahor arrived on a visit to Serbia earlier today, where he was hosted by the Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić. They are expected to talk about strengthening bilateral relations between the countries, Serbia’s progress in its efforts to join the EU and the situation in the region. They will also discuss issues of migration, […]


Slovenia becomes first NATO country to appoint female chief-of-staff

Slovenia’s government appointed Alenka Ermenc as Slovenia army’s chief-of-staff, making her the first woman amongst NATO countries to hold that post. Ermenc, who was until today the deputy head of Slovenian army, is a veteran of Slovenia’s war in 1999 She has been employed by the army for 27 years and was promoted to the rank […]


Slovenia and Croatia send messages of support to FYROM ahead of referendum

Serbia’s minister for Innovation and Technological Development, Nenad Popović has announced that the Kosovo issue will go back to the UN Security Council because the talks between Serbia and Kosovo have not yielded any results, IBNA reports. “It’s clear that without the US, Russia and China, it’s impossible for Belgrade and Priština to achieve compromise. […]


Slovenian government criticises Juncker over Der Spiegel report

A report by the German weekly Der Spiegel found the European Commission ignored its own legal service’s findings that Croatia broke the EU law by rejecting the ruling on its border dispute with Slovenia. The report has caused quite a stir in Slovenia. Last week Die Spiegel published a report based on the documents it […]


Croatia reduces debt levels

According to Eurostat, amongst EU countries Croatia has one of the biggest annual decreases in the share of public debt relative to GDP. The figures from the first quarter this year show that the government’s public debt stood at HRK 281.3bn, representing 76% of GDP. Compared to the same period last year, debt was reduced by 6.4%. […]


Slovenia still without a new government

President of Slovenia Borut Pahor announced he will officially inform the National Assembly on Monday that he will not nominate a candidate for a prime minister after a 30-day deadline has passed for the leading party  to put together a coalition.  Janez Janša’s SDS won the most votes in June elections but  lacks the necessary […]


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