20 April 2021
  • 14:01 The future used to look like this
  • 09:15 Why the Balkans are known in the world
  • 08:35 Cities in the Adriatic region with investment opportunities – Zenica
  • 15:26 Getting ahead of the game
  • 08:15 Existing problems and COVID-19

Vučić attempts a concilliatory tone in Kosovo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said yesterday in Mitrovica that Serbia will not recognise the independence of Kosovo, but wants a compromise. Vučić made these remarks in a speech in the northern part of Mitrovica at the end of a two-day visit to Kosovo. Vučić also said he would never pursue Kosovo without Albania, and even […]


Thaci and Vučić in Brussells today

Presidents of Kosovo and Serbia, Hashim Thaçi and Aleksandar Vučić are meeting today in Brussels together with the EU Minister of Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini. In this final stage of the dialogue, it is expected the talks will be about the normalisation of relations between the two countries. Today’s meeting  takes place a few days […]


A long-lasting solution or a recipe for chaos?

The partition of Kosovo has become a hot topic throughout the summer, with shifting views towards the issue making headlines every day both in the region and internationally. Kosovo is eager to come up with a final agreement, as it would enable it to get a seat at the UN and open a path to […]


Vučić in Vienna: resolving Kosovo issue will be difficult

Nearly a thousand workers from Uljanik and May 3 shipyards protested today in Zagreb due to unpaid wages in July and overall bad conditions in both plants. Even if they receive the unpaid salary, they will demand a comprehensive solution to the problem of preventing a similar situation from occurring in the future, they said. Serbian […]


Chief Kosovo prosecutor resigns amid threats

The special prosecutor in Kosovo, Elez Blakaj, charged with investigating sensitive cases including terrorism and the abuse of Kosovo Liberation Army war veterans’ lists, has stepped down. He resigned after allegedly being subject to constant intimidation and threats. Kosovo Justice Minister Abelard Tahiri said “it is unacceptable for a state prosecutor to come under pressure from threats […]


Vučić to recognise Kosovo by 2019, claims Croatia’s daily

According to Croatia’s daily Večernji list, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has  resigned to the idea that Serbia will have to recognise Kosovo in return for EU membership. Sources close to Kosovo’s PM Hashim Thaci confirmed to the paper that Vučić was under pressure from the international community to  recognise Kosovo and that he would do […]


Dividing Kosovo is not an option, says Thaci

Over the past few weeks there have been increasing discussions about the possibility of dividing Kosovo or exchanging territories with Serbia as a solution for both countries. Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci, however, said the idea of dividing Kosovo is not debatable and he criticised political representatives for even entertaining such ideas. “I would like to inform […]


Croatia’s Konzum satisfied with 2017 revenues

According to the revised financial report for 2017, total revenues for Croatia’s  retail chain Konzum amounted to HRK 9.1bn. The company, a subsidiary of Agrokor Group, has been under government-appointed emergency administration since April last year and was one of Agrokor companies that practically came to the brink of bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2017. […]


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