6 July 2020
  • 15:15 Follow the Michelin stars in Slovenia
  • 13:29 HOT TOPICS: Covid-19 Update & Serbian Elections
  • 13:06 An affordable necessity that became a symbol of the Yugoslav tragedy
  • 09:37 HOT TOPICS: Montenegro and Serbia clash over border opening
  • 12:34 The alphabet soup of economic forecasting

It’s not just about the destination but about the journey

After more than seven years, we can finally hop on the train again all the way to Trieste and beyond. The three-hour ride may seem long compared to a car that takes half the time, but this particular journey is more than just about the destination, it’s about the journey itself. The route runs through […]


Slovenia faces tough challenges ahead

Some difficult tasks await Slovenia’s next government led by Marjan Šarec. After the leaders of five political parties forming the next Slovenian government signed a coallition agreement on Wednesday, Marjan Šarec, the next prime minister, submitted a list of ministerial candidates to the parliament the next day. The new government is due to commence work […]


U.S. shifts policy on Serbia and Kosovo, Croatian and BiH state heads meet with Merkel #August#HotTopics

August hot topics in the Western Balkans: U.S. shifts policy on Serbia and Kosovo; Uljanik shipyard workers go on strike; Croatian and BiH heads of state meet with Merkel; Kosovo special prosecutor resigns White House’s national security adviser, John Bolton, has announced in Kiev last month the United States does not oppose the idea that […]


A long-lasting solution or a recipe for chaos?

The partition of Kosovo has become a hot topic throughout the summer, with shifting views towards the issue making headlines every day both in the region and internationally. Kosovo is eager to come up with a final agreement, as it would enable it to get a seat at the UN and open a path to […]


Sales of apartments in Ljubljana drop by a quarter

After continuous growth over the last three years, sale of apartments in Ljubljana in the first half of this year has dropped by a quarter, Slovenia’s daily Finance reports. Views from the experts on the cause of the drop vary. Maja Ostanek from KF Finance group warns in her comment to Finance that the decline in the […]


Remembering US Senator John McCain: his thoughts on Balkans and relationship between Serbia and Russia

As the world today remembers John McCain, “Voice of America” ​​also looks back on the last interview it had with the senator, when he visited Belgrade a few weeks after the presidential elections in Serbia last year. In the interview, he advocated for greater involvement of the United States in the Balkans. When asked if […]


Montenegrin passport through history

Photo: Pixabay

Montenegro was the only country in the Balkans that remained independent during the Ottoman rule. It was also recognised as an independent nation at the Berlin Congress in 1878. But even so, Montenegrin ethnicity was not always included in the country’s travel documents. Montenegro’s first passport dates back to 1751 during the rule of prince-bishop […]


Focus groups reveal the biggest challenges for Slovenia’s pension system

Slovenian politicians will have to deal with a major task in the near future: a comprehensive reform of the pension system as the current one does not take into account the aging population. This is the main conclusion of the research conducted recently by the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR). Within the framework of the […]


July hot topics in the Western Balkans: Football frenzy in Croatia; Trump’s comments puzzle Montenegrins; Dangers of Russia’s influence in the Balkan region

Croatian football team lost 4:2 in the World Cup final against France, but still achieved an enormous national success in the most popular sport in the world. Arriving back home, an estimated 500,000 Croats greeted the team at Ban Jelačić square in Zagreb. The celebrations were silghlty marred by controversy when the Croatian nationalist singer […]


Slovenia faces key demographic challenges in the coming years

In the near future Slovenian politicians will have to deal with a major task: a comprehensive reform of the pension system as the current one does not take into account the aging population. The Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) believes the necessary reform could be an opportunity for the state to implement solutions that will […]


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