11 May 2021
  • 10:03 Literature – very much alive even in 2021!
  • 10:32 Integration is key to higher economic and social growth
  • 12:50 How the coronavirus outbreak is transforming the insurance industry
  • 14:01 The future used to look like this
  • 09:15 Why the Balkans are known in the world


The Adriatic Journal 2021

The latest annual edition of The Adriatic Journal

The reason we try to predict the future is because we look for certainty. People always attempted to foresee the future, but predictions were more than often erroneous. Hence, in the Adriatic Journal edition in front of you, you can read about how the world of today was predicted to be by a chocolate factory from Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Little did they anticipate all the turmoil that was just around the corner. In fact, they knew as little as we know today what awaits us tomorrow. But businesses need to forecast, as planning is important for their development. So, we once again prepared our Strategic Foresight for the region, which has been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis less than many more developed countries. Reasons for a softer landing could be that economies have indeed opened more to foreign direct investment in the past years. You are invited to read about some most prominent business transactions in the region, such as NLB’s acquisition of the Serbian Komercialna Bank. In these risky times, it is the insurance sector of all that is ready to take on new challenges as it used the last crisis to digitalise its operations further and asses new developments. The front cover for the Adriatic Journal was once again designed by the great Slovenian cartoonist Ciril Horjak. The inspiration was the painting The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault and the environment that inspired the painter draws obvious parallels to today: France at the beginning of the 19th century is a synonym for uncertainty and political instability. Sounds familiar?

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The Adriatic Journal 2020

The second annual edition of The Adriatic Journal 2020
As in the previous year we have selected quality content for you. Under the heading of Geopolitics, we looked at views from the past in Serbia, as well as looking ahead in the region, with the then Slovenian minister of foreign affairs and the minister of economy. Under the Business section, we asked ourselves how the economy works now where are the right locations for investment. We focused on high tech trends in the region; should we fear robots in our lives? Under the living section, we have again chosen the top destinations in the region worth your attention. You are invited to dive into the latest issue of The Adriatic Journal.  
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The Adriatic Journal 2019

The first annual edition of The Adriatic Journal 2019
The magazine contains the seventh edition of Strategic Foresight, which has become the leading foresight on Western Balkans. Over the last seven years, we noticed there is not enough focus on the region beyond our borders. 
In the publication, we look at e-mobility developments in Slovenia, which is in full swing. In the living section, we look at the capitals of the region. Belgrade impressed us with its startup culture, Sarajevo with its mix of Western and Balkan charm, and Zagreb with its Christmas market. Ljubljana remains right in size and attractive for young families.  
Take a look of your free copy of The Adriatic Journal: Strategic Foresight 2019   
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