15 October 2019
  • 11:51 Top Events in october
  • 11:04 HOT TOPICS in September 2019: North Macedonia and Albania get green light from German parliament; Croatia expects to join Schengen soon; Sarajevo holds its first Pride parade; EBERD wants to invest in Bosnia’s wind farms; Dubrovnik to introduce cruise tax; Kosovo’s instability keeps investors away
  • 12:21 Multilateralism is crucial but it is at risk
  • 11:29 Another luxury gem opens its doors on Montenegro’s coast

The Adriatic Journal team has put together a list of the best and most exciting events taking place in the region in the coming month.

Source: Beogradski sajam (Facebook)
Location: belgrade, serbia
Date2 – 4 october 2019

Ecofair is the largest and the most representative get-together of this type in the region. Central topics include the Green Economy, recycling industry and waste management.

Source: Skopje Jazz Festival
Location: skopje, NORTH macedonia
Date: 17 – 20 october 2019

For 37 years, Skopje Jazz Festival has been one of the leading music events in the region, enjoying and excellent reputation in Europe and elsewhere.

Source: Ljubljana Marathon
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: 27 october 2019

Slovenia’s largest running event. Its great international recognition is largely due to its highly attractive course, running through the streets of Ljubljana. The two main races held as part of the event, a marathon (42km) and a half marathon (21km), are accompanied by recreational runs of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty.

Source: International Animated Film Festival
Location: Banja luka, Bosnia and herzegovina
Date: 24 – 28 october 2019

Banja Luka’s love affair with film animation goes back to the 1960s. Already in 1971, the city hosted its first festival of animated film, BANJA LUKA 71, the first of its kind in then Yugoslavia.

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