3 December 2020
  • 10:36 Teleworking is an opportunity for Slovenia’s companies in foreign markets
  • 10:14 Hot topics: Montenegro’s economy hit hardest by the health crisis; Serbia to get new government
  • 10:50 Great minds of Western Balkans
  • 13:24 NLB is the First Bank in Slovenia to Sign the Global UN Principles for Responsible Banking
  • 10:53 EBRD’s chief economist to speak at the export conference in Ljubljana

The Adriatic Journal team has put together a list of three most exciting events taking place in the region in the coming month. You can pick from film festival to music festival where we guarantee you will get no sleep.

Source: Life
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: 13 november – 24 november 2019

Every year, the Ljubljana International Film Festival, better known as LIFFe, adds vibrancy to the city’s autumnal cultural life by presenting the best and the latest in European and international film production.

Source: Jazz Fest Sarajevo
Location: sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina
Date: 7 november – 10 november 2019

Founded in 1997, Jazz Fest Sarajevo has aimed to bring jazz and musical improvisation to the masses. The programme presents the latest developments in the international music scene.

Source: No sleep Festival
Location: belgrade, serbia
Date: 8 – 9 november 2019

Over a sleepless weekend in Belgrade, No Sleep Festival brings dozens of artists to multiple venues for thousands of No Sleepers. The indoor electronic music festival includes round-the-clock events across several points in the heart of the city.

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