11 May 2021
  • 10:03 Literature – very much alive even in 2021!
  • 10:32 Integration is key to higher economic and social growth
  • 12:50 How the coronavirus outbreak is transforming the insurance industry
  • 14:01 The future used to look like this
  • 09:15 Why the Balkans are known in the world

The Adriatic Journal team has put together a list of the best and most exciting events taking place in the region in the coming month. You can pick from a literary festival, business conference or the biggest sport event in the valley under the Ponce mountains.

Photo: Alen Milavec/BOBO
Location: Planica, Slovenia
Date: 19 Mar – 21 Mar 2020

Slovenia’s biggest sports event, hosting the best ski jumpers and flyers in the world every year. For decades, the valley under the Ponce mountains has attracted the greatest heroes of ski jumping and flying.

Photo: Festival of Lights Zagreb
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Date: 18 March – 22 March 2020

The intention is that the Festival of Lights in Zagreb becomes a perennial tourist product with the aim of generating greater tourist traffic at this time of year. The theme of the festival is the spring that symbolizes the awakening, growth and renaissance, therefore each of the locations will try to evoke the springtime through light performances that will be held from 6 to 11 pm.

Photo: Fabula
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: 26 Feb – 22 Mar 2020

Fabula – Literature of the World is the biggest and most visited literary festival in Slovenia and the wider region. Founded in 2003, it has hosted many modern classics. To mark the occasion, the Slovenian translations of five books by visiting authors are published in a special series. 18th World Literature Festival – The festival’s Focus is placed on Power Play, i.e. the power struggles among literary and political circles in both personal and public relationships.

Photo: Unsplash
Location: Kopaonik, Serbia
Date: 8 Mar – 11 Mar 2020

The conference is open for all scientific contributions to the different areas of ICT. It also welcomes technical papers with case studies and demonstrations of novel ICT technologies and approaches in industry and society. It hosts loyal research communities dealing with the areas of information systems, model-based software engineering, e-government, big data, biomedical engineering, semantic web research and since recently, Internet of Things.

Photo: Risk 2020
Location: Laško, Slovenia
Date: 18 Mar – 19 Mar 2020

RISK 2020 will bring together CIOs, CTOs, bank CSOs, retailers, telcos, government, system integrators, IT consultants and the world’s top Internet security people. We will host internationally renowned and acclaimed speakers, offering first class training.

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