20 April 2021
  • 14:01 The future used to look like this
  • 09:15 Why the Balkans are known in the world
  • 08:35 Cities in the Adriatic region with investment opportunities – Zenica
  • 15:26 Getting ahead of the game
  • 08:15 Existing problems and COVID-19

Another month, another several options to attend an event of your interest in the region. Whether you’re interested in business, culture or sports, the Adriatic Journal has picked the best events taking place around the Balkans that are worth a visit.

Source: Belgrade Marathon

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

DATE: 14 Apr 2019

The Belgrade Marathon (Beogradski Maraton) is one of the biggest sporting events in Serbia. A group of enthusiasts came up with a plan to restore the race from Obrenovac to Belgrade that existed in 1910 and was 23km long.

Source: Pixabay

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

DATE: 27 April 2019

Leonard “Lenny” Kravitz is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. His retro style incorporates elements of rock, soul, R’n’B, funk, reggae, hard rock, folk and ballad.

Source: Unsplash

Location: Umag, Croatia

DATE: 12 – 14 April 2019

100 Miles of Istria is the biggest Croatian trail race. Originally started in 2013 with only 237 competitors, now has evolved into +2000 competitors event and one of the most important trail running event in the region.

Source: Sarajevo Business Forum

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

DATE: 17 – 19 April 2019

Sarajevo Business Forum is connecting institutional and private investors and businessmen from all over the world with businessmen and project owners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. It represents a platform for business networking and exploration of investment and business opportunities in the Southeast Europe region with the sole objective to foster its economic development.

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