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Like every spring in the last fourteen years, in 2019 Ljubljana will host the biggest literary festival in the country. From February 27th to March 9th, some of the world’s most famous and critically acclaimed authors will be coming to Cankarjev dom and some other locations across the city.

The British novelist Rachel Cusk is certainly the biggest name of this year’s festival. With her trilogy (Outline, Transit and Kudos), Cusk has become both a critical and readers’ darling. As Cusk does not believe in literary characters, her plots barely describe the protagonist’s life. Readers get to know about Faye’s story (her literary writings, her divorce, her overcoming the trauma of divorce and remarriage) in passing, through dialogue with people Faye meets. Cusk received superb reviews for all three books by almost all literary critics in the world’s newspapers, who consider her trilogy to rank among the best literature of this century.

Public attention is certainly also going to be lavished on the French filmmaker and writer Eric Vulliard. In 2017, Vulliard won the prestigious Goncourt prize – one of the top literary honours in France – for The Order of the Day, a novel about shady business dealings behind the Nazi Annexation of Austria. The novel is being translated into Slovenian under the title Dnevni red.

Source: Matej Pušnik

You can find the whole festival schedule here

Festival will also host the Argentinian- Canadian writer Albert Manguel, the Russian Tatjana Tolstoj, and the German author Ingo Schulze. During the week-long event, visitors will also have a chance to see the Congolese poet Fiston Mwanza Mujila, the Hungarian author Edina Szvoren, and the Greek writer Makis Tsitas.

Source: Matej Pušnik

Since 2004, Fabula has brought the most famous names of world literature to Ljubljana. Some of the literary stars who previously attended the festival are the American contemporary novelist Jonathan Franz whose passionate readers include the former US president Barack Obama, the Nobel-award winner Herte Mulller, and the enfant terrible of world literature, Michel Houellebecq.  

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