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Slovenes known to the whole world: Alexander Čeferin, Melania Trump, Luka Dončić. But which one of them is the most influential?

For the twitter users, there is no doubt that a Slovenian with the most influence in the world is the NBA basketball player Luka Dončić. But does that hold? We asked sports psychologist Matej Tušak.

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Last week, the Adriatic Journal conducted a Twitter poll on who are the most influential Slovenes in the world. NBA basketball player, Luka Dončić, was a clear winner, with over 60% of the votes, surpassing the Slovene-born US First Lady Melania Trump, and the UEFA president, attorney Aleksander Čeferin, who recently won a new mandate as the head of one of the two most powerful international football organisations.

Those are the results according to the twitter community. But is Dončić really the one with the most influence? And what does “having influence” mean, after all?

Source: NBA
"In terms of having a direct influence, Čeferin and Melania are definitely ahead of Dončić, there is no comparison," says sports psychologist Matej Tušak. "In fact,” he conutinues,  “Dončić has only has an impact on a limited number of people, the young people, on how they dress and what they do. But in he has no impact in broader terms. However, people do not generally separate or distinguish between popularity and influence.”
Source: YouTube

The question arises though what is the actual impact of the First Lady of the United States and the President of UEFA. “We cannot accurately know to what extent Melania can influence (her husband) Donald Trump. But if she does, then her influence is no doubt immense. I even think that her influence is significantly greater than that of Čeferin,” Tušak concludes.

However, a Slovenian lawyer at the head of a football organisation that manages EUR 5bn is extremely influential in sports, especially in the football community, Tušak emphasizes. 

“And even beyond sports, surely. But he also has a lot of credibility, significantly more than Melania,” Tušak says. “In addition, there is a financial impact here, Čeferin is managing several billions of UEFA money, which is a huge amount. Here again, we can make a comparison with Dončić, who has an impact on young people in Slovenia and the US, and elsewhere, but certainly not on important decisions around the world. “

Source: YouTube
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