30 October 2020
  • 10:36 Teleworking is an opportunity for Slovenia’s companies in foreign markets
  • 10:14 Hot topics: Montenegro’s economy hit hardest by the health crisis; Serbia to get new government
  • 10:50 Great minds of Western Balkans
  • 13:24 NLB is the First Bank in Slovenia to Sign the Global UN Principles for Responsible Banking
  • 10:53 EBRD’s chief economist to speak at the export conference in Ljubljana

After continuous growth over the last three years, sale of apartments in Ljubljana in the first half of this year has dropped by a quarter, Slovenia’s daily Finance reports. Views from the experts on the cause of the drop vary. Maja Ostanek from KF Finance group warns in her comment to Finance that the decline in the number of transactions can be a result of unreported sales or sales reservations of apartments that are yet to be completed. Stanka Solar from the real estate group Stan nepremičnine has a different opinion, arguing the drop is due to the lack of good offers and buyers high expectations. The prices are, however, still growing and most experts doubt that the fall in transactions indicates a colling down of Ljubljana’s real estate market. Predrag Todić says the interest to purchase real estate In Ljubljana hasn’t declined “but those who are not in a hurry to buy will prefer to wait for new buildings”. “When those are completed, many real estate owners will sell their old properties and buy new ones, which is why we can expect a new offer of ‘good’ used properties, and we can also expect lower prices for new buildings. Currently, most of the real estate (in construction) holds a price of EUR 4,000 per square meter”, Todić explains in Finance.


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