21 June 2021
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The festival you can not miss: Fabula Literature of the World festival is one of the biggest literary festivals in the region and beyond.

Author: Eva Premk Bogataj, Baletrina

Fabula – Literature of the World festival is the biggest and most visited literary festival in Slovenia and the wider region. Founded in 2003, it has hosted many modern classics: the Nobel prize winning author Herta Müller, Irvine Welsh, Jonathan Franzen, Hanif Kureishi, Janice Galloway, Amitav Ghosh, David Grossman, Richard Flanagan, Taiye Selasi, Tatyana Tolstaya, Eric Vuillard, Rachel Cusk, Bernhard Schlink and many others. Over the years, the festival’s concept has evolved and improved, and today, it is based on a well-thought-out curator’s work that selects authors who have shaped world literature in the last few years while, at the same time, hosting authors who have already become classics. Apart from the literary aspect, the festival also offers a theoretic focus which questions new, relevant topics in our society, while at the same time bringing a diverse accompanying program for all age groups, from youngest to the professional readers as well as lay audience.

 In 2021, the focus of the festival will be the question Future=Privilege?, which will explore diverse areas of the micro and macrocosm, reaching from the space of fiction to the outside world, while placing a special emphasis on social perspective and collective perception in today’s times. The central five guests of this year’s festival will be Claudia Durastanti (Italy), Marek Šindelka (Czech Republic), Deborah Levy (United Kingdom), Vladimir Sorokin (Russia) and Jokha Alharthi (Oman).

Each of them addresses a different type of reader while establishing heterogeneous possibilities for narrating life and exploring symbolic, geographical and mental territories. Festival’s important mission remains introducing Slovenian readers to relevant world literature that has received wider international recognition but is still quite unknown to the general public in Slovenia. At the same time, the festival continues to promote young, perspective authors in the newly found programme Fabula Hub. As part of the programme, the organisers will run collective workshops where German language students will translate a promising young German author Enis Maci, who will also attend the festival. All the books of selected authors will be published in Slovenian language by Beletrina Academic Press and will be up for sale at EUR 10 each. Building on a bigger accessibility to a wider audience, in 2021 the festival organisers will also collaborate with many cultural institutions. Together they will develop an interactive accompanying program that will include something for everyone: city literature tours, sound installations in city space, as well as an extensive programme for youth and children and much more. The festival will be organised as an open platform for reflections on literature, our everyday lives and perspectives on the future.

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