11 May 2021
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The year 2020 has been a challenging year for many event organizers.  Beletrina has been one of the most ambitious publishers in Slovenia since its beginnings. It offers a superb literary and humanistic literary program and boasts publishing both classics and the most influential contemporary literary voices. Publishing, however, is not Beletrina sole focus. It is also intensely interfering with life and seeks to keep literature alive among people. The case in point are the two festivals Beletrina organises – Fabula, World Literature Festival and Poetry and Wine Days. Both events bring together eminent guests from across the world to Slovenia. Beletrina strives to bring as much world literature to Slovenian readers and find it important to bring Slovenian literature into the world. Many of Beletrina’s authors have been translated into several foreign languages, regularly appearing on international tours and in foreign media.

Author: The Adriatic Journal in cooperation with Beletrina
Photo: Matej Pušnik

The World Literature Festival - Fabula

The World Literature Festival – Fabula is the largest literary festival in Ljubljana, attracting some of the most prominent names in contemporary world literature since 2004. Through the festival, Beletrina succeeded in bringing star-studded authors to Slovenia – from the most famous contemporary American novelist Jonathan Franzen, whose novels were read by US President Barack Obama even before released, through the Nobel Prize winner for literature Herte Muller, to the infamous Michel Houellebecq, renowned for his modern classics. The festival attracts almost 5,000 visitors each year, and with its accompanying program caters to everyone – from the youngest non-readers to the most demanding readers. In 2020, the festival took place in Ljubljana from February 28 to March 8.

This year, due to Covid-19, the festival did not take place as planned. However, some of the good reads were still presented at the event.

The Days of Poetry and Wine Festival

The Days of Poetry and Wine Festival is held in Ptuj and many other cities in Slovenia – in 2020 it will take place from 26 to 29 August. For the past 20 years, the largest and most recognizable international poetry festival in this part of Europe has been successfully combining the poetic word with the promotion of the highest quality Slovenian wines. In the last week of August every year Poetry and Wine Days hosts many poets from around the world and selected local winemakers. The Korean phenomenon Ko Un, the American poet C. D. Wright and the Swedish Nobel Prize nominee Lars Gustafsson are just some of the distinguished names that took part in past festivals. The main focus – poetry and wine – is joined by a thoughtful program in the field of music, visual, photography, film and other arts for all age groups and interests. Since 2014, the Days of Poetry and Wine have been a member of the European poetry platform Versopolis, supported by the Creative Europe program. All festival events are free of charge, held in Slovene and English and attract more than 8000 visitors each year.

Days of poetry and wine will take place in Ptuj from August 26 until August 29 2020.

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