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Slovenia recently opened the doors of its first boutique hotel that is in line with the country’s green tourism strategy: a five-star Villa Planinka in Jezersko was restored by Marjan Batagelj, who also manages the Karst subterranean attraction, the Postojna cave. If you want a slightly different, yet green experience, we’ve put together some suggestions that you could explore.

Slovenia is widely considered green oasis with excellent geostrategic position in the middle of Europe. At the same time, it is distanced enough to provide an escape from everyday life with a possibility to explore diverse, unspoiled nature, supplemented by varied services, from culinary, to sports and adrenaline highs, as well as cultural and ethnological experiences.

Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

The Slovenian government is becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities provided by the green tourism. In the recently published strategy of sustainable growth of Slovene tourism, it has set itself a goal of reaching a turnover of EUR 4bn from the industry by 2021, twice as much revenue as generated from tourism today.

In other words: more than five million tourists annually; between 16 and 18 million overnight stays with an average stay in the country for more than three days; about 20,000 new hotel rooms; and more than 10,000 new employees in tourism.

"Slovenia is the only country in the world where travellers experience a taste of the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian plain, all set in a small geographical area in the heart of Europe," is written in the strategy.

The uniqueness of Slovenian tourist attraction, the strategy further states, is that the country is green, sustainable and responsible, and supports the preservation and protection of natural and cultural assets and heritage, as well as a responsible and sustainable tourist value.

Source: Unsplash

Vila Planinka has all of the above but is not the only one in the country that conforms to the sustainability card. The editorial at the Adriatic Journal has picked a few others that are equally deserving of your attention:

If as a child you dreamed of having your own tree house, you can fulfill that dream at this green resort. Garden Village Bled is a family owned business that has decided to offer their guests quality leisure time in tree trunks. Guests can choose between tree houses, pier tents, glamping tents, studio apartments or a tree tent. Beat your fear of heights in a very original way!

In the pre-Alpine Slovenia, not far from the Mozirje botanical gardens, Medena vas Mozirje (Beeland) offers a relaxed break next to the forest, in cottages shaped as beehive honeycombs. In front of the cottages there is a natural swimming pool with deck chairs for relaxed summer socialising. All four accommodations include a jacuzzi and a sauna. In the vicinity of Medena vas there are many areas for hiking and cycling, as it is located near Logarska dolina and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

The first boutique hotel in Slovenia that fully adopts the green strategy. In an authentic Alpine style and built using local materials, the renovated villa in Jezersko, stands in the midst of its original nature stands in the company of natural glaciers Skute, Grintovec and Kočna. Guests, eager for fresh mountain air and escape from daily hustle and bustle, will find it here. What is particular about the Vila is that it is a waste-free hotel that consistently monitors the use of chemicals and pesticides, takes care of the environment, acquires food from local organic farms and is energy-efficient. The hotel has no electronic devices and is heated by convex radiators.

did you know?

Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular on world maps each year and regularly ranks in the top travel destinations of the world’s most renowned tourist guides. Foreign media and online tourist spots always mention the country’s exceptional and varied nature, delicious food, rich cultural tradition and diverse possibilities for entertainment and nightlife.

Lonely Planet put Slovenia on its list of 10 trips to make this year, while the popular British daily the Guardian also published an article devoted to discovering Slovenia.

Ljubljana is also regularly included in the list of capitals worth visiting. It is fairly big, making tourists feel right at home, but at the same time it is safe and with a wide range of different services, where there’s something for everyone, according to those who have already visited Slovenia’s capital.

Adriatic Journal


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