20 April 2021
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Since there are still a few sunny autumn days ahead, you should definitely spend one of them at Lake Jasna. A 10-minute walk from Kranjska Gora will take you through a small park, along a road and by a river which will lead you to the lake. Settled in an idyllic Alpine valley, it is the last stop before the mountain passage Vršič which is the highest passage in Eastern Julian Alps mountain (1611 m). 

Lake Jasna with a clear perspective

The lake’s name Jasna means “clear” and pretty much encompasses the lake’s beauty – autumn colours, green clear water and dramatic reflections of the mountains creates an idyllic scene well worth a pit stop. Extraordinary beautiful small alpine lakes are actually two connected reservoirs made from the confluence of the Velika and Mala Pišnica creeks.

Enjoy the view and relax to the sounds of nature while having a coffee or a beer. You can also read one of the books from the “library by the lake”, a little wooden cupboard stocked with books for passers by.


Strech your legs along the easy walking trails and stop by at a wooden tower to get a different glipmse on the sceenry around you.

You will also see many ducks enjoying the autumn sun and being spoiled by passers-by feeding them with dry bread.​

There are many photo opportunities at Lake Jasna but one is a must. You will notice a big wooden picture frame where you can take a photo with “Uncle Vitranc” reading a book; perfect for a photo with Lake Jasna and mountains in the back. It is like making your own postcard to show it to your family or friends.

Don’t worry if your autumn diary is too booked up to make it to Lake Jasna – this place is special all year round.

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