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With school holidays to begin in eastern Slovenia next week, we have collected some suggestions where to spend that extra time with your family. Winter joys? Of course, but there are also special picks for those who prefer being soaked in sun rather than snow! Check out what the Adriatic Journal team recommends where to spend the free time with your kids next week.

Children in Eastern Slovenia are eagerly awaiting next week to start their school break while the western part of the country will have to wait another week. Regardless of whether you are a fan of winter and surfing on white slopes or you prefer warmer embraces by the coast, here are some suggestions for you to consider.


Source: Cerkno Resort
Source: Cerkno Resort

The ski center Cerkno on Črni vrh in the Idrija-Cerkno region, on the border between Gorenjska and Primorsko, stretches across the dense forest on 70 hectares and is one of the most modern in Slovenia. The ski centre is in the middle of a beautiful nature with well-organised ski runs at an altitude between 800 to 1300 meters. The centre boasts various amenities, from pools with thermal water and sauna to authentic dishes available at the hotel’s facilities and restaurants. 

The ski slope is a multiple recipient of The best Slovenian ski slope award that is voted for by visitors, as well as being recognised as a family-friendly ski resort. It is an ideal place to learn and upgrade skiing skills, from the youngest years onwards.


Source: Olympic Center Jahorina

The Winter Olympic Center Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming increasingly popular again and it is easy to understand why. It offers as many as 40 kilometers of ski runs that are suitable for both the beginners and top skiers. The former venue of the Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1984 , today can boast having one of the most modern ski lifts, which can transport up to 13,000 skiers per hour. The Winter Olympic Center is located near the Sarajevo airport, and just hours away from other major cities in the region.

A family-friendly location with a varied offer and exceptional panoramic views is also very suitable for visiting in other seasons.


Source: YouTube

The most famous and one of the largest Serbian ski resorts is located on the highest mountain in Serbia, offering 55km of runs for alpine skiing and 12km of Nordic skiing tracks. The offer is complemented by a zip line, bob track and snowmobile rental. A delicious local and other range of foods such as grilled meet patty, lamb and burek will give you extra energy to overcome the demanding white slopes. 

Belgrade, the country’s capital, is only a few hours away, and you can also take a trip to Topola, which is one of the most important locations in Serbia’s newer history.

The Oplenac embankment, which is transformed into a park, is dedicated to the Karadjordjević family. There is King Alexander I’s villa on the property as well as Saint Djordje church, which is the family tomb of the Karađorđević dynasty. The house of King Petar is turned into a museum, which stores a large number of items from the dynasty’s time.


Source: Pexels
Rovinj is also popular among hedonists, offering a large number of wellness centres as well as excellent Mediterranean food.

The picturesque Rovinj with its narrow streets in the old part of the city ensures that, even in the winter, you will feel the pulse of the sea and the warm Mediterranean air. Rovinj lies on the west coast of Croatia’s Istrian peninsula and offers a rich history and beautiful sights. If walking around the city is not a big enough challenge, you can visit the Forest Park, which is considered a popular place for recreation. 

Carnival in Rijeka with a visit to Opatija

Source: Riječki karneval
There is a saying that Rijeka has five seasons, with the fifth season being at the time of the carnival, which this year takes place from January 13 to March 6.

Besides having many sights and a pleasant seaside ambience, Rijeka also traditionally organises its famous “Carnival of Rijeka” every year when the city is transformed into a colourful and happy destination.

During that time, the locals choose the Queen of Carnival, while the city’s mayor gives the city’s keys to the carnival masks who, from that moment on, rule the city. The carnival boasts a large number of social events, parties, events for children and traditional processions. The carnival ends with an international carnival procession based on tradition where masks try to depict the current events in the society and politics.

Source: Visit Opatija

Only a few kilometers from Rijeka is Opatija, a famous seaside resort from Austro-Hungarian times, which to this day has preserved its unique appearance and is a favourite haunt for foreigners.

Treat yourself to a stroll along the seafront along the famous Lungomare walking trail, where Francis Joseph I took relaxing walks, enjoy a delicious dessert at one of the city’s cafes, or a tasty seafood dinner in one of the restaurants. Opatija definitely has something for everyone.

And here's what David Urankar, host of the morning programme at RTV Slovenija, recommends you should do in the coming weeks

Source: David Urankar's personal photo
If you love to be surrounded with a lot of snow during winter time, the Gastein region is perfect for you. Our favorite spot is a little Austrian town called Bad Hofgastein.

Lovely skiing resort that is a part of Ski Amade skiing region is also not shy of other apres-ski activities, even if you travel with kids. The journey itself will take around 2,5 hours from Ljubljana, taking your car on a train in Mallnitz for a 15 minute ride as part of the trip. The kids will just love it! Not to mention the wonderful thermal resorts, night sledding and wild deer feeding!

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