21 June 2021
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Uncertainty is always connected with Kosovo, as it cannot exist as an independent state, says Vladimir Cvetković, dean of the Faculty of Security of the University of Belgrade, in an interview with Milena Zupančič from Slovenia’s Delo.

Cvetković believes that today’s position of Serbia, in terms of its cooperation with the NATO alliance that intervened with military operations in the country a few years ago, means participating in a partnership for peace, which should be the Serbia’s ultimate goal. It is true that in Serbia, however, the mood for such cooperation and NATO membership is not favourable, and the voters would not support this at a referendum. However, they would support EU membership, assesses Cvetković, pointing out that Serbia’s membership does not only depend on the country since the EU is dealing with its own internal problems.

Like some economists at the recent business summit in Kopaonik, Cvetković also thinks that it would be reasonable to consider integration of former Yugoslav territories on economic basis, including easier border crossing, and free movement of goods and services. “It could be a customs-free community,” he says. But there are certain obstacles to this, he adds: “Politically speaking, I fear that because of the central republics of the former Yugoslavia, that is Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, this would not be possible. Bosnia is under the patronage, while Croatia is very much opposed to this idea. I can not see the possibility that in the near future the economic community of the countries of the former Yugoslavia could be realised. “

Asked what might happen in Kosovo in the future, Cvetković argues that the future is uncertain and that Kosovo can not be a separate state.

 “It will always be a country that will be under the patronage and leadership of someone else. Independent state of Kosovo is a field used for disruption, not for integration. The established Kosovo Army now does not mean real power. The true strength is the armed forces of NATO and, above all, American politics. What will happen in Kosovo depends on the US and partly German politics.” He adds that the future of Kosovo lies in only one thing: in the collaboration of Serbs and Albanians, without political institutions.

Cvetoković concludes that there is a shift in the region since China joined the forces that have been present in the Balkans for a long time: "For the first time in history, there is a great power without the army, only with the economy. This is a completely new experience for all of us. "

The full interview in the Slovenian language is available here

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