10 August 2020
  • 13:32 Klet Brda – The cradle of Rebula wine
  • 11:23 Literature among people
  • 10:01 Welcome to Maribor, the city of change!
  • 15:15 Follow the Michelin stars in Slovenia
  • 13:29 HOT TOPICS: Covid-19 Update & Serbian Elections

First annual edition of the Adriatic Journal magazine is out

The Adriatic Journal team has in the past month been quiet on its online accounts but for a good reason: we have been working on our first annual edition of the Adriatic Journal magazine that has just been published today. The magazine also includes the seventh edition of the Strategic Foresight, a political and economic […]


Five key risks in Western Balkans for 2019

Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) has been applying its propriatory methodology in assessing investment environments in the Balkan countries since 2012. ISR is now happy to announce that the seventh edition of the Strategic Foresight has become part of its new publication – The Adriatic Journal – which will be published on 1 January 2019. The […]


Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia increase amid tax hike

A day after Kosovo’s failed attempt to join Interpol, its government passed a proposal to increase tax on Serbian and Bosnian goods from 10% (introduced earlier this month) to 100%. Kosovo’s deputy prime minister Enver Hoxhaj said the move is in retaliation for Serbia’s “aggressive campaign” to block Kosovo from becoming a member of international organisations. […]


Macedonian parliament overcomes first hurdle to change the country’s name

Macedonian parliament voted on Friday night in favour of the constitutional changes that lead to the implementation of the historic agreement with Greece to change the country’s name to the Republic of North Macedonia. A two-thirds majority was needed to adopt the amendment and 80 out of 120 deputies supported the change. Eight deputies from […]


Slovenia confirms new government; Croatia’s shipmaker in more trouble; Serbia signs major deals with Chinese; Skripal suspects linked to Montenegro attempted coup #september #hottopics

Slovenia’s parliament confirmed in September Prime Minister Marjan Šarec’s centre-left coalition as the country’s first minority government, following the inconclusive general election in June. Forty-five deputies in the 90-seat parliament voted in favour of the new cabinet, 34 were against, while 11 abstained or were absent. Šarec, a former provincial mayor, comedian and actor, became prime […]


Macedonia set to vote in high stakes referendum

On Sunday, citizens of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will be voting on the agreement with Greece to change the name of their country. Macedonians will be asked the following question: “Are you in favour of NATO and EU membership, and accepting the name agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece?” Since its […]


Slovenian government criticises Juncker over Der Spiegel report

A report by the German weekly Der Spiegel found the European Commission ignored its own legal service’s findings that Croatia broke the EU law by rejecting the ruling on its border dispute with Slovenia. The report has caused quite a stir in Slovenia. Last week Die Spiegel published a report based on the documents it […]


Slovenia’s new government: time to roll up the sleeves

At last night’s session, Slovenian MPs confirmed the country’s first minority government with 45 deputies in favour and 34 against. Slovenia’s 13th government will be led by the president of LMŠ Marjan Šarec, the youngest premier in the history of Slovenian parliamentary democracy. LMŠ party is in coalition with four other center-left parties: Social Democrats, the […]


Slovenia faces tough challenges ahead

Some difficult tasks await Slovenia’s next government led by Marjan Šarec. After the leaders of five political parties forming the next Slovenian government signed a coallition agreement on Wednesday, Marjan Šarec, the next prime minister, submitted a list of ministerial candidates to the parliament the next day. The new government is due to commence work […]


U.S. shifts policy on Serbia and Kosovo, Croatian and BiH state heads meet with Merkel #August#HotTopics

August hot topics in the Western Balkans: U.S. shifts policy on Serbia and Kosovo; Uljanik shipyard workers go on strike; Croatian and BiH heads of state meet with Merkel; Kosovo special prosecutor resigns White House’s national security adviser, John Bolton, has announced in Kiev last month the United States does not oppose the idea that […]


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