11 May 2021
  • 10:03 Literature – very much alive even in 2021!
  • 10:32 Integration is key to higher economic and social growth
  • 12:50 How the coronavirus outbreak is transforming the insurance industry
  • 14:01 The future used to look like this
  • 09:15 Why the Balkans are known in the world

Integration is key to higher economic and social growth

The coronavirus has swept across the world with devastating speed, leaving behind consequences that will take years to reverse. However, neither all countries nor all sectors will recover at the same pace. Gregor Pilgram, CEO of Generali Austria, gives his view on post-pandemic recovery in the region. Author: Rok Tomšič, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of […]


The future used to look like this

‘How will our great-grand-nephews live in the year 2012?’ This was the design brief that landed, in 1912, with the renowned Parisian art printers Norgeu Author: Jure Stojan, DPhil The client was the Parisian chocolate maker Lombart – at the time, chocolatiers competed not only on taste of their produce but also on the quality […]


A historic opportunity for the Adriatic region

The corona crisis has shuffled the cards in the international arena, presenting a unique opportunity for Southeast Europe to attract international supply chains that are looking for better risk management options, argues Blaž Brodnjak, the CEO of NLB, a banking group with a strong systemic position in the region, and one of the most important […]


Strukturni izzivi regije med in po COVID-19

Od digitalnega dogodka … Regija Adriatik kot prostor z lastnimi značilnostmi in tudi specifikami se nahaja pred izjemnimi izzivi. Ti so politični, ekonomski, družbeni. A zgodba je še širša. Na dogodku Sidrišče digitalnega je v realnem: Strukturni izzivi regije med in po COVID-19 bomo namenili pozornost sistemskim in strukturnim izzivov prostora Adriatik in gospodarskemu sodelovanju […]


The Adriatic Journal 2021 – Digital world anchors in reality

The year 2020 was a challenge for all of us. No doubt the coming year will bring more challenges. We at ISR are working hard to analyse and present you these challenges in our annual publication. Author:  The Adriatic Journal Adriatic Journal 2021 will be published at the beginning of February next year and will […]


Looking back on 2020

The past 12 months in the region saw the formation of four new governments and an election of a new president. Author:  Ana Potočnik Milanović wins presidential election The 2020 electoral cycle began with the second round of Croatia’s presidential election on January 5, in which Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, a conservative who won the presidency in […]


Hot topics: Montenegro’s economy hit hardest by the health crisis; Serbia to get new government

Author:  Ana Potočnik Montenegro’s economy hit hardest by the health crisis Montenegro is listed in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on world economic forecasts as the country with the largest decline in GDP in the Western Balkans and the second largest decline in Europe, ranking immediately after Spain. A recent World Bank analysis predicts […]


Health Conference 2020: COVID-19 crisis accelerated the use of technology in healthcare

Delo’s business conference Health 2020: New Medicine and Digitalisation, held in Ljubljana on 23 September, highlighted the user’s position at the centre of the healthcare system in a changing society and presented smart solutions and approaches in healthcare systems at home and abroad.  Author:  Ana Potočnik Photos: Jože Suhadolnik/Delo The key findings of the conference, […]


Hot topics: Montenegro gets new government; Serbia and Kosovo sign “historic” agreement

Author:  Ana Potočnik Montenegro gets new government The election in Montenegro on 30th August ended the 30-year rule of Milo Djukanović’s Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), with opposition winning a narrow victory. The leaders of three opposition coalitions, For the Future of Montenegro, Peace is Our Nation and In Black and White, agreed to form […]


Hot topics: Bled Strategic Forum and Political Turnaround in Montenegro

Author:  Ana Potočnik Bled strategic forum attended by record number of EU leaders This year’s Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), taking place today, is strongly marked by the coronavirus crisis both in topics and organisation. The conference, titled “Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID–19 World: Neighbours – Regions – Global World: Partners or Rivals?”, is organised as […]


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