9 April 2020
  • 13:24 Top Online events in April 2020
  • 13:16 Diaries in/of extraordinary times
  • 09:04 Top Balkan Women – 3/11: Rita Ora
  • 09:55 “Let us create a region that actively furthers its own interests”

HOT TOPICS IN NOVEMBER: Slovenia appoints first female NATO chief-of-staff; Macedonia’s former PM flees to Hungary; Slovenes vote in local elections with few surprises; Serbia’s and Croatia’s economies expected to grow beyond earlier projections; Immofinanz expands further in the region

Slovenia appoints first female NATO chief-of-staff “General Major Alenka Ermenc meets all the criteria, she has vast leadership experience, and has demonstrated resolute in conducting the duties required,”,said Slovenia’s president Borut Pahor Slovenia’s government appointed Alenka Ermenc as Slovenia army’s chief-of-staff, making her the first woman amongst NATO countries to hold that post. Ermenc, who was […]


The economic risks are present but for now Slovenia has no reason to worry as it is shielded by the European Union #INTERVIEW

This is according to Julien Marcilly, chief economist at the insurance company Coface, the keynote speaker at the business conference Risks and opportunities for the Slovenian foreign economy, organized recently by the media company Delo together with the Institute for Strategic Solutions. Marcilly discussed the current risks in the business markets and the position of […]


October Hot Topics: Bosnia’s election results unlikely to ease crisis; Migrants and police clush at border crossing in Bosnia; China plans to invest EUR 13bn in Croatia;  Royal Bled golf course is one of Europe’s best; Croatia’s and Serbia’s cities on Lonely Planet’s list of places to visit in 2019

Bosnia’s election results unlikely to ease crisis The elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina last month have produced both expected and unexpected results. The highest number of votes was given to SDA, SDP and SNSD parties in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, while in the House of Representatives of the Federation of Bosnia […]


Sales of apartments in Ljubljana drop by a quarter

After continuous growth over the last three years, sale of apartments in Ljubljana in the first half of this year has dropped by a quarter, Slovenia’s daily Finance reports. Views from the experts on the cause of the drop vary. Maja Ostanek from KF Finance group warns in her comment to Finance that the decline in the […]


Successful NLB sale depends on a number of factors

The outgoing Slovenian government has announced its plans to sell NLB, the country’s largest state-owned bank. The state, represented by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SDH), and NLB announced the intention to sell at least 50% stake in the bank. Slovenia will sell shares on the stock exchanges in London and Ljubljana. A total of 90 […]


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