19 May 2019
  • 11:24 Modern Werfare in uncertain times
  • 11:31 Slovenia’s ports and roads connect East with West
  • 13:25 Yaskawa robots factory starts production in Slovenia
  • 11:35 HOT TOPICS IN APRIL: Croatia’s unemployment drops further; Serbia’s press freedom continues to decline; Russia and Serbia to abolish roaming charges
  • 15:55 Top Events in the Region in May

Serbian tycoons eagerly await dismantling of Agrokor

In yesterday’s Delo, Novica Mihajlovič looks at the Balkan tycoons eyeing the sale of Agrokor. In contrast to Slovenia, where the government is coordinating activities regarding the possible purchase of Mercator, it is the entrepreneurs who have the initiative in Serbia. Serbian candidates interested in purchasing reconstructed parts of Agrokor, are the well-known names in […]


Battling greenhouse emissions will be hard without nuclear energy

Our estimation is that at this moment no one in the EU has a comprehensive concept of how to abandon the production of electricity from fossil fuels and replace it with renewable energy sources. Scientists are warning that immediate action is necessary to minimise the impact of climate change, with the increase of energy production […]


Economic diplomacy as a service to businesses

In times of dynamic globalisation, rapid change and ever growing international competition, Slovene diplomacy helps its companies go global. The Slovenian foreign minister dr. Miro Cerar explains why economic diplomacy pays such an important role in Slovenia’s economy.  Economic diplomacy is a relatively new governmental policy in Slovenia. It serves as much more than simply […]


Balkan entrepreneurs have lots of ideas but lack business knowledge

  The Balkan region has a great potential for entrepreneurship, because it is clear to its citizens that they cannot, in many ways, rely on the governments to solve their problems. But there is a lack of knowledge in how to turn ideas into reality, says Jeff Hoffman, founder of Booking.com. Hoffman is quite familiar […]


Entrepreneurs seek more competitive business environment

At the Slovenian Business Club (SBC) conference in Postojna today, some of the most prominent Slovenian exporters warned that the country urgently needs to strengthen its competitiveness. To do so, SBC members suggested tax relief of salaries, measures to attract workers from abroad and more flexible labour legislation which will allow faster dismissal and employment […]


Racing towards an electric mobility future

While newspaper headlines are mostly evoking doom and gloom scenarios for humanity’s lack of action on combating climate change, behind the scenes there are already a lot of initiatives tackling this very threat. Take e-mobility. Tesla’s at the forefront of driving the transition to electric cars but other renowned car manufacturing brands are catching up. […]


ISR annual business conference: risks and opportunities for Slovenian exports

Recession is coming to Slovenia but when and with what impact remains unclear, said Jure Stojan from the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR) at its annual conference in January during the launch of the Adriatic Journal: Strategic Foresight 2019 publication. While economic growth continued throughout autumn, the first signs that things are about to change […]


First annual edition of the Adriatic Journal magazine is out

The Adriatic Journal team has in the past month been quiet on its online accounts but for a good reason: we have been working on our first annual edition of the Adriatic Journal magazine that has just been published today. The magazine also includes the seventh edition of the Strategic Foresight, a political and economic […]


HOT TOPICS IN NOVEMBER: Slovenia appoints first female NATO chief-of-staff; Macedonia’s former PM flees to Hungary; Slovenes vote in local elections with few surprises; Serbia’s and Croatia’s economies expected to grow beyond earlier projections; Immofinanz expands further in the region

Slovenia appoints first female NATO chief-of-staff “General Major Alenka Ermenc meets all the criteria, she has vast leadership experience, and has demonstrated resolute in conducting the duties required,”,said Slovenia’s president Borut Pahor Slovenia’s government appointed Alenka Ermenc as Slovenia army’s chief-of-staff, making her the first woman amongst NATO countries to hold that post. Ermenc, who was […]


The economic risks are present but for now Slovenia has no reason to worry as it is shielded by the European Union #INTERVIEW

This is according to Julien Marcilly, chief economist at the insurance company Coface, the keynote speaker at the business conference Risks and opportunities for the Slovenian foreign economy, organized recently by the media company Delo together with the Institute for Strategic Solutions. Marcilly discussed the current risks in the business markets and the position of […]


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