20 April 2021
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  • 08:35 Cities in the Adriatic region with investment opportunities – Zenica
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Telemach is part of the international United Group, leading telecommunications and media platform in Southeast Europe with the most watched programs in sports, film, children among others. Telemach’s international dimension and knowledge bring advantages to the Slovenian market, while providing continuous insight into operations, relationships and trends in the region and beyond.

Telemach started as a fixed service provider but expanded in 2015, when it took over the mobile operator Tušmobil. Now, Telemach is the leading fixed service provider and the fastest growing mobile operator in Slovenia trusted by over half a million users. How did Telemach achieve this? By providing three simple and transparent mobile packages that are focused on data. Those continue to be the most wanted mobile packages in the market. Different types of users found that those packages fit their needs while the constant improvements gave even more reasons to join the Telemach family. Through continuous development and upgrades, Telemach also brings the most advanced and high-quality HD and 4K resolution TV services and high-speed internet access. By connecting with partner operators, it provides users with quality mobile connections in 190 countries.

Best selling. Most development-oriented


Telemach has 240,000 subscribers for fixed telecommunications services in Slovenia and provides best selling mobile services in Slovenian market, with over 535,000 mobile users. It is using the next-generation network in Slovenia to ensure seamless operation of existing and future technologies. By investing millions of euros into building and upgrading its GIGA network, Telemach delivers gigabit speeds to provide its users with high-speed internet access and a stable network. Its 3G network is completely upgraded and covers more than 99% of the population in Slovenia. By deploying 4G+ technology, they have successfully upgraded its LTE (4 G) network, which is available to 99% of the population and delivers data transmission speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

The most advanced. With the best services.

Consumer confidence and satisfaction are guaranteed by fixed EON packages running on Telemach’s GIGA network. EON Smart Box provides subscribers with a new dimension of TV of the future, such as 7 days of catch-up TV, free access to the largest video on-demand library with more than 16,000 popular movies and TV series. Since 2015, it has been offering the best-selling VEČ mobile bundles, which it continues to improve for new and existing subscribers. Bundle NAJVEČ is the first one with unlimited data in Slovenia.

For the most demanding processes.

 For business clients, Telemach relies on reliability, trust and security, and provides a brand-new carrier neutral data centre in the Adriatic region, which was built to provide services to companies, both small and large.

The most connected. With the neighbourhood and the world.

By connecting with 420 operators worldwide, the smooth use of mobile services abroad in particular aims to maximize coverage in 190 countries, including the most popular destinations for users – in Croatia, Austria and Italy.

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