21 April 2021
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In the last week, Crobex Index increased for more than 1% and reached the best value in the last two months due to optimism on the global markets. Among the sectoral indexes, the industry index grew the most, by 2.6%, while only the index of transport down by 3.87%. “In last week’s trading, the Crobex index grew every day from Tuesday to Friday, leading to a significant overall growth on a weekly basis, reaching the highest level since November last year,” said Vinko Jurić, financial analyst at Zagrebačka banka. Stock prices rose around the world stock exchanges last week –for the fourth week in a row which is mostly due to the investors’ hope the US and China will reach a trade agreement within the given deadline.

Vučić is not optimistic, but ready for tough decisions

President of Serbia and SNS President Aleksandar Vučić said today he cannot confirm nor deny the possibility of holding early elections, adding it will depend on many other things regarding the future of Serbia. Vučić said in his statement for morning RTS daily, that for him it is most important to keep Serbia in good spirits, to open up factories, to have the greatest possible growth, to reduce unemployment, increase salaries and pensions. Vučić stressed he is not optimistic the final settlement of Kosovo and Metohija will be reached. But he expressed his optimism, adding that he wants to compromise and is ready for difficult decisions. Commenting on the statement made by the president of Kosovo Hashim Taçi that the exchange of territory is the best solution for progress towards the EU and NATO, Vučić said that there are “more basic questions” that need to be addressed first. His statements followed the seventh One in Five Million protests, held in Belgrade on each Saturday for the last two months, demanding replacement of Vučić’s government. Protests have also spread to other Serbian towns including Novi Sad, Niš, Zaječar, Šapac, Čačak and Kragujevac.

Serbia and Palau share strategic interest in environment protection

Serbian minister for environmental protection Goran Trivan hosted Republic of Palau’s president Tomi Ensang Remenges during his official visit to Serbia on Sunday. They strived for strategic partnership in the matters of environmental protection. Trivan reiterated that both countries have ratified the Paris Climate Agreement and have much to learn from each other in environmental aspects. Remenges also praised Serbian green economy development.

Croatia wants Chinese investments in the Mediterranean corridor

The meeting with the Chinese minister of transport is the first in a series of meetings that the delegation of the Croatian ministry of transport, led by minister Oleg Butković, will hold in China, where it will be staying on an official visit until January 26th.  The Croatian economic delegation continues the process of intensifying relations between the two countries and preparing for the upcoming summit of 16 Eastern and central European countries and China (as part of the China’s initiative 16+1), which this year will be hosted by Croatia. Butković highlighted the Pelješac bridge as the most significant stimulus for intensifying the co-operation between the two countries. The Chinese transport minister Li Xiaopeng pointed out that the two countries have good and friendly relations. He added the cooperation in infrastructure is the initial stages and will continue to increase through the Belt and Road initiative as well as through China’s 16+1 paltform.

Romania’s EU presidency priorities include EU enlargement

The head of the European Union delegation in Montenegro, Aivo Orav, expects that during the EU presidency Romania will deliver good results in the EU enlargement area, which is particularly important for Montenegro. Romania’s ambassador to Podgorica Ferdinand Finds said the first Romanian presidency will take place at the time when various events will impact the thinking about the future of the Union. The EU is expected to publish this Spring a positive report on Montegero’s economy. Montenegro’s prime minister Duško Marković assessed the growth of the economy in 2018 as impressive. “It was 4.5% in the first quarter, 4.9% in the second and 5% in the third. Gross income per capita has also risen. The number of unemployed last year was almost 10,000 less than in 2017.” He added the unemployment rate was 22.1%, down by 4% from 2017.

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