15 October 2019
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  • 11:04 HOT TOPICS in September 2019: North Macedonia and Albania get green light from German parliament; Croatia expects to join Schengen soon; Sarajevo holds its first Pride parade; EBERD wants to invest in Bosnia’s wind farms; Dubrovnik to introduce cruise tax; Kosovo’s instability keeps investors away
  • 12:21 Multilateralism is crucial but it is at risk
  • 11:29 Another luxury gem opens its doors on Montenegro’s coast

After spending two hours in a meeting with Federica Mogherini, EU Minister of Foreign Affairs in Brussells, Tanjug reports that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić is heading back to Belgrade, cancelling the meeting with Kosovo’s President Hashim Tachi. Vučić’s planned visit to Kosovo this weekend is also in doubt, reports Serbian media. Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said Vučić faced threats and obstruction ahead of the visit to Kosovo.

According to the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohuja, Vučić pulled out of the meeting because of all the “lies” by the Kosovo side. Vučić also ordered Serbian security and army to stop all communications with the Kosovo Police and with KFOR international peacekeepers.

Thaci made no comment on the cancellation and before meeting with Mogherini, his only announcement was that he expects the final agreement to be reached.

“We are definitely in the last phase of the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo in order to achieve the definite final agreement for peace between the two. This peaceful process of negotiation, I believe, will bring positive progress for both countries and stability for the region,” Thaci told reports.

The cancellation has caused criticism and bewilderment on Twitter and across regional media. Here are some examples:


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