30 October 2020
  • 10:36 Teleworking is an opportunity for Slovenia’s companies in foreign markets
  • 10:14 Hot topics: Montenegro’s economy hit hardest by the health crisis; Serbia to get new government
  • 10:50 Great minds of Western Balkans
  • 13:24 NLB is the First Bank in Slovenia to Sign the Global UN Principles for Responsible Banking
  • 10:53 EBRD’s chief economist to speak at the export conference in Ljubljana

John Bolton,  White House’s national security adviser, has said in Kiev the United States will not engage in a debate on the idea of exchanging territories between Serbia and Kosovo. It does not, however, rule out the possibility of border correction. “There are new signs that both governments very quietly may be willing to negotiate on this. The U.S. policy is that if the two sides can work it out  and reach an agreement, we won’t exclude territorial corrections. It’s really not for us to say”, Bolton said in a response to a question from Radio Free Europe. He added that Washington will not interfere, and he doesn’t think that “anyone in Europe would stand in a way if the two sides in the dispute achieve a mutually satisfactory solution”. Bolton concluded that the United States is ready to help, but it’s up to Serbia and Kosovo to agree on a solution between themselves.

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