20 April 2021
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It is expected that by the end of this week European Energy Community will decide whether the so-called Turkish pipeline course will pass through the Serbia’s territory. Serbian Energy Agency requested an official opinion about the possible pipeline course through Serbia last October. requested the exemption from third party access to the future gas pipeline, which will go through Serbia and be connected to the Bulgarian and Hungarian national transport systems.
Council of the agency gave official permission to Gastrans company to start the building the pipeline. It offered certain financial relief, such as exemption from the obligation to apply regulated prices and exemption from the obligation to separate the production and supply of natural gas according to valid legislation.
Opinion will consider the impact of the project on the gas market in Serbia and the regional gas market. “Serbia is ready to build this gas pipeline. I am confident that the project will start, and the final details will be clarified in the coming days”, said Dušan Bajatović, general director of Srbijagas Company.

Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked 83rd on economic freedom

According to recently published Index of Economic Freedom by the Washington based Heritage Foundation, BiH is ranked 83rd out of 180 countries. This is a slightly better result than last year, when it ranked 91st. BiH’s total rating is 61.9 points, which is below the regional, but still above the world average. This makes BiH “moderately free” in terms of economic freedom. The index suggests that BiH has a poorly developed private sector with a lack of entrepreneurial incentive. Moreover, volatile and heterogeneous political system, market fragmentation and poor infrastructure are obstacles to foreign direct investment (FDI). There is also widespread and deep-rooted corruption.
“Economic freedom is the foundation of all other freedoms and a prerequisite for higher rates of economic growth. Traditionally, we have the worst score regarding the rule of law. However, some progress has been made, especially due to the intensification of foreign trade relations with the EU countries. The path towards the EU is also the path towards more economic freedom” said Admir Čavalić, director of the “Multi” association.

Thaci “pledges” for agreement with Serbia in a letter to Trump
Kosovo’s president Hashim Thaci revealed to have sent a letter to US president Donald Trump earlier this month. In the letter, he assured president Trump that Kosovo is ready to strike a compromise deal with Serbia to resolve long-standing conflict between the countries.

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