20 April 2021
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  • 08:35 Cities in the Adriatic region with investment opportunities – Zenica
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  • 08:15 Existing problems and COVID-19

Serbia’s minister for Innovation and Technological Development, Nenad Popović has announced that the Kosovo issue will go back to the UN Security Council because the talks between Serbia and Kosovo have not yielded any results, IBNA reports. “It’s clear that without the US, Russia and China, it’s impossible for Belgrade and Priština to achieve compromise. The issue of Kosovo is coming back where it can really be solved and that is the UN Security Council where Serbia has its partners, Russia and China. These countries protect Serbia’s territorial integrity based on our Constitution and Resolution 1244”, Popović said. He added it is obvious the Albaninas do not have any intention of forming the Association of Serb municipalities and that has the support on this issue by several western countries, according to IBNA.

Croatia’s and Slovenia’s presidents have both sent a message of support to the citizens of FYROM ahead of the country’s referendum on its name this coming Sunday, 30 September. Kolinda Grabar Kitatrović has released a video message, saying “Croatia offers its support for you, because the decision that you will have to make is a very important one. You belong in the EU and NATO”. She added “Croatia is ready to help you in this path, by sharing our experience with you”. Borut Pahor also drew on the referendum’s importance in determining the country’s path in joining EU and NATO. “On Sunday, you will decide on your fate and the fate of future generations. As a friend of your country, I’d like to tell you it would be best if you supported the agreement, because this helps you with the process of integration in the EU and NATO”, Pahor said.

Serbian Ministry for Innovation and Technological Development today signed contracts on the allocation of RSD 55,397,000 for the development of women’s innovative entrepreneurship with representatives of local self-government units from Novi Sad, Leskovac, Zaječar, Sremski Karlovci, Topola, Varvarin and Vladičin Han. The funds will be directed towards the implementation of training for launching a business in urban and rural areas; acquiring skills in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship development; innovation of products and services in existing enterprises owned by women; purchasing new equipment; and also supporting the opening of new businesses and start-up companies by women. Project partners will be units from local self-government, faculties, private small and medium-sized companies and women entrepreneurs, local development agencies and professional associations and non-governmental organisations.

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