15 October 2019
  • 11:51 Top Events in october
  • 11:04 HOT TOPICS in September 2019: North Macedonia and Albania get green light from German parliament; Croatia expects to join Schengen soon; Sarajevo holds its first Pride parade; EBERD wants to invest in Bosnia’s wind farms; Dubrovnik to introduce cruise tax; Kosovo’s instability keeps investors away
  • 12:21 Multilateralism is crucial but it is at risk
  • 11:29 Another luxury gem opens its doors on Montenegro’s coast

Hashim Thaci, President of Kosovo, said during a debate organised by Kosovo’s Democratic Institute on Wednesday that border correction will save Kosovo from partition, territorial exchanges and foundation of Serbian Republic. “To me, a Serbian Republic is more dangerous than border correction,” he added. “The correction of borders is a great victory for Kosovo.« Thaci argued he never talked about dividing Kosovo and exchanging territory with Serbia, but about the correction of the injustices that happened in recent years. Thaci also said he will support the agreement on Kosovo with Serbia if this agreement is backed by the EU and the US.

Priština is currently a political agony which demonstrates it is the biggest obstacle for resolving the Kosovo problem. They are hypocrites. I do not know what to expect from tomorrow’s meeting,” Ivica Dačić, Serbian Foreign Minister said last night on whether the dialogue on the key issues concerning relations between Serbia and Kosovo will be discussed. In his words, Belgrade always believd that only Belgrade and Priština can resolve the Kosovo issue, while the Albanian side always relied on the support of the Western powers. But now “the position of Russia and the US is that we need to move forward and find a compromise solution,” Dačić said.


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