18 July 2019
  • 10:50 Zagreb is always a good idea
  • 09:43 June Hot topics: Adria Airways in trouble; BiH bans cars older than 10 years; Serbia gets its first 5G base; Lower roaming costs in WB countries
  • 09:41 Top events in July
  • 11:46 Abanka sale completes privatisation of Slovenia’s largest banks
  • 09:44 MAY HOT TOPICS: EC delivers its latest report on progress in Balkans; Merkel supports Croatia’s bid to join Euro and Schengen; Serbia and Bosnia threaten retaliation against Kosovo tariffs; EU elections deliver (almost) expected results in Slovenia and Croatia; Uljanik starts bankruptcy proceedings

After disappearing five days ago when a nationwide police hunt was launched for former prime minister Nikola Gruevski for failing to turn up to serve a two-year jail sentence, on Tuesday he re-emerged in Hungary. In a Facebook post Gruevski said he is in Budapest where he has applied for political asylum, adding that in the past few days he has received death threats. It is not, however, clear how he arrived in Hungary, since he is under special security measures due to the proceedings against him, as well as the fact that his passport was taken away in July last year. “I will always remain faithful to Macedonia. I will never give up,” Gruevski said, who has been convicted for corruption in a case involving the purchase of a mercedes with bullet-proof windows. The warrant for Gruevski was issued after several unsuccessful attempts to serve him a court decision for the prison sentence on Friday and on Tuesday, when the deadline expired, the Macedonian media reported. Gruevski appears as a suspect in another three cases opened by the Special Prosecution.

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