23 September 2020
  • 15:14 Coronavirus Gave Boost to Sustainable Development
  • 10:50 Hot topics: Bled Strategic Forum and Political Turnaround in Montenegro
  • 09:50 Novi Sad – The Pannonian Melting Pot
  • 13:32 Klet Brda – The cradle of Rebula wine
  • 11:23 Literature among people

Heiko Maas, Germany’s foreign minister, reiterated Germany’s support to Kosovo in a recent interview for the German newspaper Stuttgarder Nachrichten. He confirmed his belief in European perspective for Kosovo and praised the reforms that have been carried out in the country so far. Kosovo has received a substantial financial assistance from both the EU and Germany; EUR 350m from the European Union between 2014 and 2017. The EU has allocated EUR 295.3m for Kosovo in the current one-year period.

Serbia improved its health system

Serbia ranked 18th out of 35 European countries in the recent survey of the health systems, conducted by WHO Europe, Serbia’s daily Danas reports. The list contains 48 indicators including health care availability to patients, disease prevention, efficiency of health care systems amongst others. Director of the Serbian Institute for public health Verica Jovanović considered this result a significant progress as Serbia was ranked higher than 14 EU countries on the list, including Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, and Italy. “The major improvements have been achieved in the availability of health protection, shortening of the waiting lists and a very efficient information system for medication prescriptions”, said director Jovanović.


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