20 April 2021
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  • 08:35 Cities in the Adriatic region with investment opportunities – Zenica
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Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of the liberalisation of visas for the citizens of Kosovo. 420 MEPs voted in favour of this decision, 186 voted against, while 22 abstained. Tanja Fajon MEP said before the voting that Kosovo has fullfilled all the conditions for the liberalisation of the visa regime. EU Council of Ministers will vote next on the recommendation.

After two years of negotiations between the Ministry of Transport, the European Commission and French Bouygues group about the modification of the concession contract to start the construction of the 2.B1 phase of the Istrian Y highway in Croatia. After the European Commission approved an extension of the concession contract in June, the government will decide on its amendments and the continuation of the construction of the Istrian Y motorway at today’s session. This investment is worth over HRK 1bn. As part of this project, a full motorway profile will be upgraded from Pazin to the tunnel Učka, totalling 28km in length. Apart from building a full motorway profile, 11 viaducts, 14 underpasses, three overpasses and Rebri resting station will also be constructed. All the necessary documentation has been prepared and only the government’s decision to continue the construction is needed so that the contract on changing the concession can be signed. The new concession to Bina Istra is extended by five years to 2032. According to the announced plans, the works should start this year, they will last for three years and will be carried out by Bouygues with local subcontractors.

Kosovo’s opposition parties: Democratic League (LDK), Self Determination, Social Democratic Party and Alternative have sent a letter to Frederica Mogherini, the head of the EU diplomacy, expressing their discontent about the recent proposal for border changes and stating that such ideas will not be supported. According to Avdullah Hoti, leader of LDK party, the opposition has requested for the final phase of the dialogue between Priština and Belgrade, assisted by the EU, to be based “on clear principles and not threaten Kosovo’s integrity which has been clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence, the opinion of the International Court of Justice and the fact that Kosovo’s sovereignty has been accepted by the majority of nations of the free world”, IBNA reports.

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