21 June 2021
  • 15:00 Changes are coming, and they will alter the customer experience
  • 12:29 EU financial measures to strengthen investment activity
  • 10:03 Literature – very much alive even in 2021!
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Zagreb County Court set a bail of HRK 7.5m (EUR 1m) for Ivica Todorić, the former owner and founder of the Agrokor food and retail group. Extradited to Zagreb from the UK last week, Todorić was put into custody while awaiting trial in an ongoing investigation in which he, his two sons and 12 Agrokor executives and auditors are suspected of taking out  HRK 1.14bn (EUR 153m) from Agrokor before the company almost went bankrupt in early 2017. The ruling overturned an earlier decision last week to dismiss Todorić’s appeal for release on the grounds that he still posed a flight risk. Todorić was first arrested in November 2017 in London, but was set free on a £100,000 bail. He lived in London for a year, unsuccessfully fighting Croatia’s extradition request. Alongside the bail, which is required to be paid in cash, the court also ruled that Todorić hands over his passport and remain in Zagreb while the investigation is ongoing. Todorić’s lawyer, Čedo Prodanović, said that Todorić, who used to be one of Croatia’s wealthiest man, hasn’t got the funds available to cover his bail.

It has been confirmed that Macedonia’s former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski escaped to Hungary thorugh Albania and Montenegro, using Hungary’s embassy car from Tirana. Gruevski is now asking for political asylmn in Hungary. The Montenegrin Interior Ministry has confirmed that Gruevski was in Montenegro on November 11. Macedonian media reported a statement from the Albanian Police Border and Migration Department stating that Gruevski left Albania via the Hani and Hotit – Murićani passages on the border with Montenegro, but there was no confirmation on the location where he left Macedonia. The Albanian police note that at the time of passage, Interpol had not yet issued a warrant for Grueski’s arrest so he was not technically a wanted person.

In the first nine months of this year, 77,543 tourists from China visited Serbia, which is 103% more than in the same period last year, the Tourist Organisation of Serbia announced. Number of overnight stays also increased by 94% to 134,852. In TOS press release, the organisation emphasises the importance of cooperating with countries from the region in attracting tourists from China. “With the support of the European Tourist Commission, Serbia presented itself at promotional events in China together with the Danube Center for Competence, the National Tourism Organisations of Hungary and Germany, in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai,” the statement reads, adding the the Danube as a link between the participating countries was very attractive to the Chinese. TOS is currently promoting Serbia at a tourism fair in Shanghai, which is held from November 16th to 18th.

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