23 September 2020
  • 15:14 Coronavirus Gave Boost to Sustainable Development
  • 10:50 Hot topics: Bled Strategic Forum and Political Turnaround in Montenegro
  • 09:50 Novi Sad – The Pannonian Melting Pot
  • 13:32 Klet Brda – The cradle of Rebula wine
  • 11:23 Literature among people

The special prosecutor in Kosovo, Elez Blakaj, charged with investigating sensitive cases including terrorism and the abuse of Kosovo Liberation Army war veterans’ lists, has stepped down. He resigned after allegedly being subject to constant intimidation and threats. Kosovo Justice Minister Abelard Tahiri said “it is unacceptable for a state prosecutor to come under pressure from threats and chose resignation as an alternative”. The US ambassador to Priština, Greg Delawie, commented on Twitter that the event was a “sad day for Kosovo and the rule of law in Kosovo.”

Mayors of ten Serbian municipalities in Kosovo have sent an open letter to the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in which they plead with him to continue the fight for a just, compromising and sustainable solution for Kosovo. In the letter they expressed their awareeness that “reason must prevail over emotions” but that their only hope for their continued survival in Kosovo is in the policy that is being led by Vučić. “If the solution can not be reached, it would be the Serbian nation’s greatest historical defeat in its modern history and at the same time the greatest victory of our enemies and our domestic cowards,” they wrote. The mayors urged the president to salvage the northern part of Kosovo and said that they would support any solution, “whether it should be a delimitation, a correction, or something else”.

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