16 October 2019
  • 11:51 Top Events in october
  • 11:04 HOT TOPICS in September 2019: North Macedonia and Albania get green light from German parliament; Croatia expects to join Schengen soon; Sarajevo holds its first Pride parade; EBERD wants to invest in Bosnia’s wind farms; Dubrovnik to introduce cruise tax; Kosovo’s instability keeps investors away
  • 12:21 Multilateralism is crucial but it is at risk
  • 11:29 Another luxury gem opens its doors on Montenegro’s coast

Ljubljana is one of the cleanest cities in Europe, and Podgorica is fortunate to be its neighbour and seek to follow Ljubljana’s example,” mayor of Montenegro’s capital, Ivan Vuković, said at the reception with Zoran Jankovć, Ljubljana’s mayor. Discussion between the two mayors revolved around improving cooperation between Podgorica and Ljubljana, which they said already has good foundations, especially in the field of ecology and culture. The mayors expressed belief that future cooperation between the two cities will bring more concrete benefits for both cities, as  good practices and experience in all areas will be shared. They added the region’s future is precisely in the hands of direct cooperation between cities and the improvement of their relations, which will lead to better quality of life for its citizens.

President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik said in Bijeljina today that cooperation with Serbia is intensifying, and expressed belief that motorway from Banja Luka via Bijeljina to the Serbian border will be completed in six to seven years, as reported by RTRS. Dodik emphasised the construction of the motorway towards Kuzmin is one of the basic projects that should enable additional development possibilities in Bijeljina. “We are currenlty talking to the  Serbian President Aleksandar Vucić and experts from Serbia to find the meeting point of the highway so that we can start planning. I think the funds won’t be a problem. Serbia has significantly solved its economic and financial problems and our situation is stable,” Dodik remarked to reporters. He emphasized this is the most concrete cooperation Republika Srpsak had with Serbia so far.


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