23 February 2019
  • 13:50 Kosovo’s tariffs caused substantial decline in imports
  • 13:36 Inspired by the Adriatic Journal: Boutique tourism in Slovenia that is definitely worth a try
  • 15:34 Croatia and Serbia still far from border-dispute agreement
  • 15:06 Serbian tycoons eagerly await dismantling of Agrokor
  • 15:27 Slovenia’s global influencers

Inspired by the Adriatic Journal: Boutique tourism in Slovenia that is definitely worth a try

Slovenia recently opened the doors of its first boutique hotel that is in line with the country’s green tourism strategy: a five-star Villa Planinka in Jezersko was restored by Marjan Batagelj, who also manages the Karst subterranean attraction, the Postojna cave. If you want a slightly different, yet green experience, we’ve put together some suggestions […]


Serbian tycoons eagerly await dismantling of Agrokor

In yesterday’s Delo, Novica Mihajlovič looks at the Balkan tycoons eyeing the sale of Agrokor. In contrast to Slovenia, where the government is coordinating activities regarding the possible purchase of Mercator, it is the entrepreneurs who have the initiative in Serbia. Serbian candidates interested in purchasing reconstructed parts of Agrokor, are the well-known names in […]


Slovenia’s global influencers

Slovenes known to the whole world: Alexander Čeferin, Melania Trump, Luka Dončić. But which one of them is the most influential? For the twitter users, there is no doubt that a Slovenian with the most influence in the world is the NBA basketball player Luka Dončić. But does that hold? We asked sports psychologist Matej […]


Battling greenhouse emissions will be hard without nuclear energy

Our estimation is that at this moment no one in the EU has a comprehensive concept of how to abandon the production of electricity from fossil fuels and replace it with renewable energy sources. Scientists are warning that immediate action is necessary to minimise the impact of climate change, with the increase of energy production […]


AJ staff recommends top locations you need to visit with your family this winter

With school holidays to begin in eastern Slovenia next week, we have collected some suggestions where to spend that extra time with your family. Winter joys? Of course, but there are also special picks for those who prefer being soaked in sun rather than snow! Check out what the Adriatic Journal team recommends where to spend […]


Balkans are becoming increasingly entangled in the Chinese lending web

The increasing dependence and attachment of the Balkan countries to Chinese loans is becoming an increasingly serious risk for the European Union, the Munich Security report warns, which came out before the three-day security conference that began in the Bavarian capital this Friday. Novica Mihajlovič looked at the main points raised by the report in […]


Šarec and his party top most popular lists

While conservative parties are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, in Slovenia they are losing ground, with the centrist party LMŠ continuing to strengthen its position in the country. Delo’s Barbara Hočevar reported in the paper yesterday that the popularity of Slovenia’s Prime Minister Marjan Šarec continues to grow together with the support for the party […]


There is room for more Slovenian companies in the Balkans

Western Balkans is a traditionally important market for Slovenia with companies from the country already boasting a strong presence. However, Dr Cerar believes there is still room for growth and new businesses should get the government’s support to enter the region’s market. Among other top national priorities remains a strong Europe and good transatlantic relations […]


Economic diplomacy as a service to businesses

In times of dynamic globalisation, rapid change and ever growing international competition, Slovene diplomacy helps its companies go global. The Slovenian foreign minister dr. Miro Cerar explains why economic diplomacy pays such an important role in Slovenia’s economy.  Economic diplomacy is a relatively new governmental policy in Slovenia. It serves as much more than simply […]


Cultural resources too fragmented in Slovenia

As Slovenia marks its biggest cultural holiday today – France Prešeren’s day – we look at the role of culture in the country and the life of its individuals over a chat with Mitja Čander, literary critic, essayist, screenwriter and dramatist. Though Slovenians have a profound attitude to culture and the government allocates enough money […]


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